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Development Programs and Innovation




The Development Programs and Innovation Unit serves as a springboard for developing current and emerging programs to promote and support resilience building in the country. Through DPI, PDRF also connects with other local and international network and development partners to promote sharing of knowledge and best practices. Key pillars are Community Resilience, Recovery and Rehabilitation, and Research and Innovation.


About PDRF

Community Resilience

PDRF’s Community Resilience Program empowers communities, including local government units, families, and livelihoods to harness local knowledge and capacities in preparing for, quickly responding do, and recovering from disasters. 

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Recovery & Rehabilitation

PDRF is at the forefront of post-disaster and post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation initiatives, ensuring that both the short-term and the long-tern needs of affected communities are addressed through projects that work toward sustainability and empowerment.

Research & Innovation

PDRF supports collaboration within the research and innovation community to encourage better access and support for innovation and community as well as increased investment to DRR-CCA to develop innovations that are both cost-effective and beneficial to all disaster management phases.

Special Projects



Climate Resilient Cities

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) formally launched the Climate Resilient Cities (CRC), a five-year, PHP 750 million project that will help six selected cities in the Philippines to adapt to, mitigate, and fight the impacts of climate change by increasing their access to climate financing and tools to build community resilience and contribute to their economic and social development, and support natural climate solutions.