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Mita Lourdes Angela Santiago

Taskforce T3 Project Associate

Kristan Jela Tambio

Taskforce T3 Project Associate

Maria Vianca Jasmin Anglo

Taskforce T3 Project Associate

Letter from the President

It is not new to us Filipinos that the Philippines is a hotbed of disasters, from tropical cyclones to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Every year, the country is visited by more than twenty tropical cyclones, around four to five of which are massively destructive. We are situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the site of 90% of the world’s earthquakes. Lives are disrupted or lost and the economy suffers, along with the livelihood and education of many. With preparations in place, recovery is much faster and the casualties are significantly lessened. Knowing this, shouldn’t we aim to become a pioneer when it comes to disaster preparedness?

That is what the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation envisions: a strong, resilient, and disaster-ready Philippines. PDRF launched the first national private sector Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the world in April 2018. Anchored on disaster prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and rehabilitation, the EOC functions as a 24/7 self-sufficient operations hub for disaster preparedness training and coordination of relief and recovery efforts.

Through our strategic partnerships with companies, government agencies, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders, we synergize and mobilize efforts towards building disaster resilient businesses in communities across the nation. With your help, these efforts will better contribute to the sustainable development and general welfare of the Filipino people.

Join us, and together we will build a more disaster resilient Philippines.

Rene S. Meily 
Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation