What we do

Learning and Development

The Learning and Development Unit is PDRF innovative resilience-building resource hub. It seeks to promote disciplines focused on Business Continuity Management (BCM), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) for PDRF’s network of corporations, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), communities, and various partner organizations.




Disaster Risk Reduction (PREPLAB)

PREPLAB is the learning and knowledge resource center of PDRF. It is a platform where experience and expertise converge to enrich the discourse and practice of resilience. It seeks to promote the disciplines of resilience building focused on BCM, DRR, and CCA for PDRF’s network of corporations, micro, small, and medium enterprises, communities, and various partner organizations.

PREPLAB also partners with local and international experts and organizations to ensure delivery of quality, innovative, needs-based, and learner centered learning and development programs of the Philippine private sector, local stakeholders, and global networks.




Business Continuity

Through its Business Continuity and Organizational Resilience subunit, PDRF provides capacity building interventions and knowledge solutions to promote business and public sector continuity management in the region.

Learn more about the Business Continuity Program HERE.



PDRF crafts e-learning solutions that are expert-guided, learner-centered, and evidence-based for self-paced and blended virtual learning modalities. 

iADAPT (Innovations Academy for Disaster Awareness, Preparedness, and Training) is PDRF’s e-learning solution to the need for equipping Filipinos with the necessary tools, skills, and resources for disaster resilience even in the new normal. An all-in-one platform that promotes blended learning for learners from anywhere on the globe, iADAPT offers self-paced online courses, interactive seminars, and in-depth trainings that cover DRR, BC, and CCA.

Visit www.iadapt.pdrf.org for more information.



Organizational Learning

The Organizational Learning Subunit seeks to provide high impact and high quality organizational programs and initiatives. Its mission is to nurture a culture of continuous improvements by aligning beliefs and values, reinforcing incentives, and commitment to measurement and results. They work hard to embed organizational learning processes into daily workflows, contribute to knowledge creation within the network, and empower organizational learning champions.

  • DRR & CCA Awareness

    • Private Sector DRR Training
    • Weather 101
    • Earthquake 101
    • Intro to Climate Risk Management
  • Contingency Planning

    • Family Preparedness Planning
    • Workforce Resilience Planning
    • Community-based Preparedness Planning
  • First Responder’s Course

    • First Aid and Basic Life Support
    • Psychological First Aid
    • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support