Disaster Recovery & Rehabilitation

PDRF is at the forefront of post-disaster and post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation initiatives, ensuring that both the short-term and the long-term needs of affected communities are addressed through projects that work toward sustainability and empowerment. 


PDRF works closely with communities, private sector partners, and the local government in restoring employment and income opportunities in areas affected by disasters.


PDRF coordinates with member companies and organizations in rebuilding disaster-hit school buildings and learning centers. This includes scaling up innovative and disaster-proof methods of deploying mobile learning solutions.


PDRF works with reputable partners from the construction and utility industry and with community development organizations in building emergency, transitional, and permanent shelter facilities and evacuation centers for communities affected by disasters.


Anchored on science-based approaches and community engagement, PDRF’s environmental protection and rehabilitation programs strengthen the resilience of communities.

Water, Infrastructure, Shelter, Health

Through strategic partnerships with the private sector, PDRF addresses gaps in the supply and quality of water resources, strengthens the resilience of public infrastructure, and broadens community access to health facilities.

Community Resilience

PDRF’s Community Resilience Program empowers communities, including local government units, families, and livelihoods to harness local knowledge and capacities in

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Learning and Development

The Learning and Development Unit is PDRF’s innovative resilience-building resource-hub. It seeks to promote disciplines focused on Business Continuity Management

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