On December 03, PDRF and the Corporate Citizen Foundation (CCF) signed a Memorandum of Intent to facilitate cooperation, collaboration and the exchange of information in striving for better disaster risk reduction and management in the region. Representing CCF were CCF’s Chairman Lim Choo Leng and Technical Adviser Hassan Ahmad.

The CCF is a non-governmental organization based in Singapore with a mission to improve the capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities by harnessing the resources of various organizations like the private sector. They are an active member is disaster response in the ASEAN region having recently provided support to the flooding in Chennai, India and have provided support to the Philippines after super typhoon Hagupit.


During the signing CCF Chairman Lim Choo Leng shared This is yet another milestone for the regional humanitarian ecosystem as ASEAN-born organisations from the private sector come together to cross-share our resources to boost our disaster response capability and capacity – hinging on each other’s assets and expertise, so as to be usefully and meaningfully relevant to the further development of the humanitarian framework within the region. We are confident that soon enough, we will begin to realize the vision of ‘One ASEAN, One Response’.