In collaboration with national government agencies, PDRF works toward awareness raising and the implementation of DRRM-related programs and policies specifically for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across the country.  

PDRF’s Business Continuity Program focuses on providing capacity-building interventions aimed at developing knowledge on business and service continuity management. The program targets Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) clients that form the supply chain of our corporate members and partner organizations. The overarching goal is to build resilient economic lifeline supply chains and fence line communities in order to ensure their ability to continue the delivery of services and products and to establish their capacity to immediately recover from disasters.

The PDRF Business Resilience Program envisions achieving the following:

As part of the MSME Resilience Core Group, PDRF—together with the Department of Trade and Industry, DOST-PAGASA, and Office of Civil Defense—signed a Pledge of Commitment that aims to strengthen the adoption of business continuity management and DRR-CCA (disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation) for MSME development across all regions in the Philippines.