LISP II Locators join PDRF-USAID Area-Wide Business Continuity Management project

The Light Industry & Science Park II (LISP II) locators joined the Area-Wide Business Continuity (AWBCM) for Key Industries and Lifeline Utilities Project led by the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. (SPPI), is the developer of LISP II, which leads the partnership of the Laguna Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LCCI) collaboration with AWBCM Project. LISP II was chosen as the pilot site of the Key Industries, the core of AWBCM. LISP II locators became the latest addition to the roster of private sector partners of the AWBCM initiative to strengthen its resilience strategies. AWBCM is now on its full implementation of Phases 2 and 3, focusing on Business Continuity capacity bridging and guideline documentation.

Since January of this year, PDRF conducted comprehensive training and workshop sessions to establish a robust business continuity framework for project stakeholders from selected national government agencies, local government units, and utility companies in Laguna.

 SPPI hosted the Training and Workshop for LISP II locators and other stakeholders at LISP I Multi-purpose Hall in Cabuyao City, Laguna (January 25-26, 2024)

Part of AWBCM’s strategies is the Planning Series, which aims to provide a platform for organizations from different sectors to share best practices, insights, and expertise in business continuity management. By joining this initiative, in his opening message, Mr. Aldrien Ferlindo L. Montalban, Assistant Vice President for Operations, Vector Property Managers, Inc. (VPMI) representing LISP II and its locators to collaborate with PDRF in AWBCM Project, emphasizes its commitment to proactive planning and preparedness, further solidifying its position as a resilient and forward-thinking industrial estate or business hub.


SPPI hosted the Planning Series Session 4 at LISP II Multi-purpose Hall in Calamba City, Laguna (February 15-16, 2024)

“This initiative is designed to address the unique challenges faced by our key industries and lifeline utilities, aiming to create a more resilient and interconnected community,” said Robert Portero, President of the Safety and Environment Advocates of LISP II, the safety officer of STMicro, during the fourth session of the AWBCM Planning Series: Training on the Determination of the Recovery Objectives.

In her opening message, PDRF Executive Director Veronica Gabaldon challenged the participants, “The ultimate goal of this project is to create one language and one process to promote disaster resiliency.”

PDRF and USAID look forward to continued success in enhancing the resilience of their stakeholders’ operations through future initiatives.

LISP II Locators participated during the AWBCP Workshop Sessions in Cabuyao (Left) and Calamba (Right) Laguna