In the last five years, there has been a push for more concrete implementation of localization commitments at country level. This report, prepared by the Alliance for Empowering Partnership, ECOWEB, OXFAM, and UN OCHA, presents key findings of the country-level dialogue carried out in the Philippines between February and July 2021 and aims to serve as a localization blueprint,
a plan of action, with concrete recommendations to be taken forward by various stakeholders.

PDRF supported this initiative by convening our network for the focused group discussion to identify the role of the private sector in the context of localization.

This report of the High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement to the UN Secretary-General contains summary of findings and recommendations on how to better respond to internal displacement, in particular where it is protracted, and achieve Government-led durable solutions to internal displacement.

This report reflects the two main preoccupations that drove the UN SG’s High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement’s work. First, internal displacement has largely dropped off the international agenda over the past decade. Despite commitments to ‘leave no one behind’ as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, internally displaced persons (IDPs) are often invisible and marginalized at national, regional, and international levels. Second, business as usual is patently not acceptable. Concrete and measurable improvements in prevention, response and solutions to internal displacement must be achieved.