This case study focuses on how the national government, local government units, and development co-operation providers have been engaging with private sector actors, and other non-state actors, to address the constraints they face and strengthen their resilience to the negative impacts of climate change. Making the private sector, especially MSMEs, resilient to external shocks has significant implications for economic growth in the Philippines, where 99% of the total registered business are MSMEs.

The Connecting Business initiative (CBi) case study showcases how PDRF, a CBi Member Network, has considered conflict sensitivity in its disaster management programming.

With examples from the conflicts in Zamboanga City and Marawi City, the case study provides an overview of the interventions PDRF and its partners implemented but also explains why and how they adjusted their operations to do no harm.

Working in a post‐disaster scenario in the Province of Leyte, the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation designed an early recovery program with national government agencies, local government units, and international NGOs—leveraging the capabilities of each organization in support of micro and small enterprises and the normalization of the local supply chain.

In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, a majority of the designated evacuation centers (mostly in the form of school buildings or public gymnasiums) were severely damaged. In the drive to build back better and safer, the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation and its partners aimed to build safer and more structurally sound, dual‐purpose evacuation centers that are hazard‐adaptive and sensitive to the needs of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), women, and children.

This study outlines how the PDRF Emergency Operations Center operates during multiple disaster scenarios. This also illustrates the importance of information and data management response. PDRF acknowledges the generous support from the Connecting Business Initiative (CBi) for the development of this case study.