About Project KoNeK

The Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF), with the support of the American people through U.S. Agency for International Development-Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID-BHA), implemented a four-year project to build a stronger partnership between the Philippine government and the private sector, specifically on how the government can work together with companies before, during and after disasters. While the existing Republic Act 10121 (Philippine Disaster Management Act of 2010) clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities government agencies play in relation to disaster management, it currently does not have the same protocols spelled out for the private sector. Leveraging on the interoperability approach, PDRF will bring together businesses and the government in regular consultation meetings, multi-sectoral dialogues and forums to develop a DRR Roadmap and clear terms of reference for both parties. Translating this public-private partnership on the ground, the project targets to build capacities of communities, including families, their livelihoods, and micro, small and medium enterprises, to mitigate risks that hazards bring about, to prepare for disasters, and protect common critical assets that nurture the community and make it thrive.

The main intervention of this project is building the capacity of government agencies and private businesses to work together on reducing disaster risks and protecting common critical assets in the target communities. The overall goal is to strengthen partnerships and capacities in disaster risk reduction and management to build resilient communities and businesses.

Building on the experience in implementing the Project KoNeK, PDRF recognizes that it takes the collective effort of the national and local government, small and large businesses, civil society organizations, and communities down to the smallest unit of society, families who will share knowledge, expertise, technology and resources to fully carry out the implementation of DRRM towards becoming a resilient country. With a participatory and inclusive approach, the interventions in the project are aimed at building capacities of communities, private sector businesses and government agencies and units and strengthen collaborations to work together in mitigating and preparing for, responding to, and recovering from the impact of disasters.

Strengthening Community Resilience through the development of Barangay DRRM plans, strategies and policies

Establishing Continuity of Operations for local government units through Public Service Continuity

Establishing Public-Private Partnership in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

Project KoNeK Team

Present Staff

  • Anna Katrina Aspuria: Unit Head of Development Programs and Innovation Unit
  • Nicasio de Rosas: Project Manager
  • Narryl Cabuena: Technical Assistant
  • Daniela Krezzel Naparate: Community Facilitator
  • Ciara Gabriela Villanueva: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Former Staff

  • Candice Bismonte: Project Manager
  • Erwin Tolentino: Community Facilitator
  • Camille Castillejos: Montoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Jake Ryne Evangelio: Community Facilitator
  • Dennis Merlin: Montoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Anthony Ross Zuniga – Learning and Development Manager
  • Florian Rhiza Nery – Business Continuity and Planning Manager
  • Abigail Guiang – Business Continuity and Planning Officer
  • Earl Patrick Penabella – Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Germaine Fay Ramirez – Learning and Development Officer



United States Agency for International Development

Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation

Lungsod ng Quezon

Lungsod ng Makati

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office - Quezon City

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management - Makati City

Center for Disaster Preparedness

Philippine Geographical Society

Department of National Defense