Project KoNeK

Komunidad at Negosyo tungo
sa Katatagan

Strengthening the Filipino’s Community Resilience


Project Activities

Project Activities

Component 1

Barangay Capacity Building
In line with R.A. 10121’s intent to recognize and strengthen the capacities of the local government and communities in disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM), the first component of the project aims to localize DRRM at the barangay level by engaging communities in identifying, analyzing, and assessing risks to develop strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance their capacities.

Development of Barangays’ DRRM plans, strategies and policies

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Component 2

Public Service Continuity Planning
In the past, disasters experienced by highly urbanized cities such as Makati and Quezon Cities have affected community recovery by the disrupted vital government services and further impacted the ability of the entire city and region to restore critical social and economic activities immediately. The second component aims to establish a Public Service Continuity Program for these cities to enhance their capabilities in ensuring that critical services needed by the community are provided amidst disruptive events.

PSCP development and advocacy

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Component 3

Public Private Partnership
While private enterprises have their respective business continuity plans, these may not be fully implemented when all the other key players in the ecosystem they work in and other resources are not available. This component aims to strengthen the public-private partnerships and capacities in DRRM at the national level to align plans, policies, and strategies to achieve the shared goal of disaster-resilient businesses and communities.

Public-Private Partnership

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