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Update No. 3 on Project Ugnayan and Project Damayan


We are pleased to give you this third update on Project Ugnayan. As we stated in our last letter, we were opening up new channels of gift certificate and food pack distribution in order to expand our reach to a large number of families in the most economically-vulnerable communities. Aside from our partners at Caritas Manila’s Project Damayan, ABS-CBN’s Pantawid ng Pagibig, and ADB and the Government’s “Bayan, Bayanihan!” project, we have now added Jollibee’s FoodAID program.

All four channels are now working extremely well.

  • Caritas Manila has distributed P1,000 supermarket gift certificates and grocery vouchers to 651,799 families as of April 4 and is on track to hit 1.0 million families by Holy Wednesday, April 8. Caritas Manila has currently served 3.26M persons. The priests and volunteers continue to deliver these gift certificates on a house-to-house basis.
  •  ABS-CBN’s Pantawid ng Pagibig has delivered food packages to 179,078 families through Local Government Units as of April 3. These packages have reached an estimated 895,390 people.
  •  The ADB and Government’s “Bayan, Bayanihan!” program kicked off with deliveries to 2,000 families in Pasay City, Caloocan, Quezon City, and Manila. They have since expanded by 6,030 families of informal settlers in in Malabon. They plan to cover a total of 255,000 families in the next three weeks. They have serviced 8,030 families or 40,150 people.
  •  Jollibee committed to donate P100M in food to economically-vulnerable families through its FoodAID program. They have started this by packing ready-to-cook chicken from its commissary. As of April 4 they have delivered these packs to 146,212 families or 731,060 people in Metro Manila and Cebu through a network composed of Don Bosco, Caritas, and SNPP.

In sum, Ugnayan has reached 4,925,595 people. We will be continuing distribution through Easter and beyond and expect to serve a total of 1.5M families or 7,500,000 people by next week as all four channels are operating well.

Aside from Project Ugnayan, we have also opened up a new program, Project Kaagapay, to fund the procurement of more medical supplies for frontliners such as PPEs and ventilators. This program is run in partnership with Zuellig Pharma so we can take advantage of their supply chain management expertise in medical equipment and supplies and ride on their volume discounts. We view this as an important front in managing the treatment of COVID-19 and for ensuring the protection of our medical frontliners. If any of you wish to get involved in protecting our frontliners and raising their capabilities to treat patients, we encourage you to also support this project. Both Ugnayan and Kaagapay are managed by PDRF.

All these projects and humanitarian efforts would not have been made possible without your generosity. We want to thank you for your support and keep you updated with progress.

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