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Community Resilience

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PDRF promotes the culture of resilience building not only in large businesses but also in the local government and in communities. Through partnerships with local and international organizations, PDRF has formulated a blueprint of activities that enhance efforts in reducing hazard vulnerability at the local level. Activities include Business Continuity Planning for MSMEs, Participatory 3D Mapping, Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, and Barangay DRRM Planning.

To strengthen the resilience of communities, PDRF works with members of the civil society and the academe, especially those with expertise in disaster risk reduction and management. PDRF offers Participatory 3-Dimensional Mapping activities at the barangay level, Community-Based DRRM modules, and Barangay Planning (includes Contingency Planning and Barangay DRRM Planning) in partnership with the Philippine Geographical Society, the Center for Disaster Preparedness, and World Vision respectively.